A Happy and Thankful Life

Slow and Steady

Today at the Y, I was thinking of how things have changed. Gyms and being “athletic” scared me. Now, I’ve made being active part of my (almost) daily routine. I oddly like the weight machines. I enjoy the feel of my muscles straining to lift the weight. I may leave Zumba completely drenched but I feel energized. I recognize enough dances that I’m not stumbling all over my feet but can focus on engaging my muscles.

I feel strong. 

At the beginning of February, I decided to dedicate myself to making my health a priority. I’m 35 now. My mom was 45 when she had her first heart attack and 49 when she had her last. All my numbers are currently great, other than my weight. Also, if you ignore the bad eyes, weird food allergies, migraines, and achy knees, I’m healthy. 

But that may not continue if I don’t do something now. And that scares me. Life is short and I don’t want my actions to make it shorter. I have too much left to explore and too many people I love. 

So…I returned to the Y and have found a balance of weight machines, cardio and classes that I enjoy. I’ve drastically decreased the fast food and pop. I count my calories and track my exercise. I’m not on a crazy diet; just very careful about portion sizes and limiting food out. I don’t feel limited or restricted. 

The scale moves slowly. But it moves in the right direction. I’m trying hard to count success in being able to lift more weight, in having more energy, in how my clothes fit, and in traveling for work or vacation and NOT gaining weight. As of today, I’ve officially lost 15 lbs since the beginning of February – slow but steady and healthy. 
There is more to go but in the end, my health is the priority. 



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