A Happy and Thankful Life

Found item

The earring has been found!

I had to write that. I didn’t want to bury the lead, but it was an interesting way to the discovery.

A gentleman came out in the afternoon and tried to use my other earring to get a base reading on his metal detector. It wouldn’t read. While my earring is 14k white gold, it is apparently small enough that the machines won’t pick it up. He tried to adjust the settings to no avail. My boss and other coworkers come out offering to search as they were leaving for the day. So many people offering to find something of no significance to them. With the earring not being able to be detected, I had even resigned myself to not finding it…as well as was going to Shop Vac the area. Extreme measures, I know.

I showed another coworker where I was standing when I lost it and as they were heading out, they did a quick search. The headlights of a car leaving the lot hit the post at just the right angle that they were able to find the earring. What wonderful happenstance is that?!

I can’t fully express the feeling of the weight being lifted off my shoulders. However, I do feel as though he is laughing at me and would say something about science and technology not able to solve all…but that I had to rely on accepting help from others. It’s a good thing to keep in mind.

So for tonight, I continue to be grateful for the kindness of others as well as having both earrings in my possession. It’s a good night.



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