A Happy and Thankful Life

Do you believe in signs?

I’m not superstitious. I don’t seek out signs to direct me in my choices. But I do wonder if those coincidences or signs mean something. And sometimes I decide to believe that they are meant to bring comfort.

Today should have been my fourth wedding anniversary. I have my new routines on these special days. It helps me get through the day. For our anniversary, it is to see a movie. The first movie preview was very out of place as it was for an animated movie about a squirrel. For some reason, he had a thing about squirrels. They made him smile and now, when I see them, they make me smile as it reminds me of his smile. I said a silent thank you to him. Logically, I know that it is just another movie preview, but as something that makes me smile in memory of John, I’ll take it.

There are other things, most recently during my vacation in October. The shuttle driver to the LA rental car company was from Akron. I got a mustang convertible when I requested an economy car. The guest on the live show taping I attended is on one of his favorite shows. Squirrels in particular places at particular times. A certain song playing at a certain time. The Titanic exhibition.

Yes, I get that these are coincidences and happenstances. But will it hurt anything or anyone if I take comfort in these things? They remind me of John and I feel, for a small moment, that he is still with me. That’s okay for me.

What do you think of signs?



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