A Happy and Thankful Life

The written word

I just finished reading The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. It is a beautiful story and many parts spoke to me. The following passage connected with me for many different reasons but I wanted to share it.

“On this deathbed, Ciro realized he’d chosen Enza because she was strong alone; she didn’t need him, she wanted him. Enza had chosen Ciro, foresaking her own sense of security, which, he had come to know, was the need that drove her. Everything his wife did, and every decision she made, was about holding life together, and creating safety in a word where there was little.”

With that shared, I’m thankful for finding comfort again in the written word.


Sights and sounds

I worked off-site today and saw some things that normally aren’t seen during the course of a work day. I saw Abraham Lincoln, a Civil War soldier, a polar bear (mascot), a T-Rex (mascot), KISS, Barney Fife, a living statue, Diego (mascot), a baby ring-tailed lemur, assorted other exotic animals,  dancing robots, a panda (mascot), a Beatle (band member – not insect) and had front row seats for a band performing in front of our table.

Today I’m thankful for the interesting things I do and see thanks to my job. And that I get to see more tomorrow!

Welcome 2013

I had a quiet, reflectful, and productive 1st. I rearranged two rooms in my apartment and as I did so I realized that I was making this apartment mine. It’s not “our” apartment anymore but “mine”.  I know that for some, after their spouse died, they had to leave their home for a variety of reasons. I came close to that myself. But I was and still am thankful that the circumstances changed and there was one less thing for me to worry about.

I feel like I’m slowly getting to a point that I can make changes and be okay with it. I’m in control of these changes and the pacing. The changes have less control over me. I’m grateful for that.

That was yesterday. Today, I’m struggling with what to be thankful for as I discovered that during the last two days, someone drove their car into my parked car. They didn’t leave a note or call the apartment office. There is enough damage to my just under 3-year-old car that it has to be fixed which means that I get to pay my deductible and deal with my insurance company. I will never understand why some people can’t own up to their mistakes. In the scheme of things, there are worse scenarios than what I’m dealing with. I’m thankful that I wasn’t in the car when it was hit, that it is still driveable, and that I still have full coverage on my car.