A Happy and Thankful Life

A year and a day later

Yesterday was the year anniversary of John’s death. Here are my thoughts…

I’m thankful for the kind words that have been sent my way, for a friend that spent the day with me being very far from where I was last year, for having just enough something to get through the past year and few months. I’ve been told the future isn’t easier, just different. This is not a “new normal” that I asked for. This is what I was given. I’ve been shoved into a club that I never wanted to join.

But in this “new normal”, I have seen the best from people, and sadly, the worst in a very small number of people. I have met people that have been where I’ve been and understand. I haven’t been at my best this year. I’ve been far from it. I’ve lost who I am and I’m trying to get back to her. I may feel broken and not strong but I’ve been blessed to have the support and love from the people that matter the most to me. I may not say it enough, but I am thankful.


Sidenote : Don’t place your judgements or “what I would do” expectations on someone else; you don’t know how you will handle such a situation until you are in it. And even then you can’t judge. Every situation is different and as long they aren’t hurting themselves or others, how someone decides to grieve is okay. Grief will also manifest itself in a very strange ways. It is a very personal and individual journey.  



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