A Happy and Thankful Life

One year of Sass

Last February 15th, J and I brought home his kitten. We had searched numerous Petsmart stores during their pet adoption weekend and he finally found the one. She was the one that was really active and jumping in and out of her cage. We asked the lady in charge of the rescue group and when she talked about how feisty and rotten she is, J couldn’t resist. He wanted a kitten with attitude and we got one. While we were trying to meet her, she managed to take the cover off a padlock and climb along the wall of cage doors.

We put our name in for her and were approved. The lady told us that she wouldn’t cash our check for two weeks in case we changed our minds. That was the impression she had on others. There was no turning back once J saw her. It was great timing. We were giving the okay by his doctor and she had more than enough attitude to go around.

I wish that J had been able to enjoy his kitten more than two and a half months. But even when he was at the hospital, she brought a smile to his face. I had a big printed picture of her posted across from his bed. I would film her playing with toys and then play the video back the next day. She made him happy.

Now, she makes me happy. As I’ve said before, she gives me a good reason to come home on time. She keeps me company and makes me laugh. She is sweet, yet equally rotten. Having a pet in the house is a good thing for me. It’s been a year of having her in my life and I’m looking forward to more.



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