A Happy and Thankful Life

quirky accepted here

I’ve been absent this past week as there are a lot of words swimming in my head. I’m working on finding my voice. It is one thing to write my thoughts and it is another to actually say them. While everything I write is always something I would say to another, I often choose to let it go unsaid to those that aren’t my closest friends. I’m working on that.

There is a lot to say today but I will focus on just one thing. I had an email exchange with a fellow outreach colleague at another museum. I discovered at the conference in October that there is a special brand of museum employees that work in Outreach. For some reason, I thought we were just the quirky ones. Nope, we are not alone. Just like where I work, they are outgoing, loud, enthusiastic, passionate, and contain massive amounts of random knowledge. It’s great. A bit overwhelming at times, but always great.

This email exchange had us discussing the upcoming conference with his ending line commenting on his feelings towards our distinct mascot. My response was to send him a picture of my tallest team member wearing the costume. We discovered that there is a very good reason why there are height restrictions. When a six-foot plus man wears a mascot costume, the result is more than a little overwhelming. The mascot is then towering a few feet over you. And that is what I sent to him. I personally think our mascot is fetching. It’s cute!

But this exchange reminded me to embrace the pure humor that exists in our job. That quirky is accepted and sometimes expected. It works. While there are times that we need to be serious and get to business, there are times to laugh. There can be a balance. And sometimes you need to use your mascot to humor your fellow colleagues.



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