A Happy and Thankful Life


I realized on Friday that I have my final cake class coming up. A class had been cancelled and the last class unexpectedly ended up on a week I had to travel for work. I’ve waited a few weeks and now, the final class is here. One of the catches is that I have to make my own butter cream icing. I’ve quickly learned that this is not something that can be made easily by hand. I have to use a mixer.

I bought a small hand mixer because we had to make it in class. It works fine but doesn’t quite cut it.

We were gifted with an amazing Kitchen Aid stand mixer for the wedding. Like many others, I love this thing more than I should for a kitchen appliance. But it is so wonderful. It continues to earn its space in my kitchen. I made two 8″ round cakes two double batches of butter cream icing. It’s a monster. And saved my hand from cramping. Thank you oh wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer.



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