A Happy and Thankful Life

nephews and niece and best friend.

Today was exactly what I needed. I was able to spend the day my youngest niece and nephews. I picked them up and we headed to lunch and a day at the museum. I love seeing their excitement and hearing them talk. With their ages, it is interesting to hear them talk and wait to hear what they will say next.

My favorite moment was when the oldest nephew said that he wanted to be a soldier, then the youngest nephew said “me too!” and the youngest niece said “and a princess!” Yes, you can all be what you want to be.

After a great day out, I was able to catch up with one of my best friends. There is a great perk to her living near my youngest niece and nephews. I normally get to see her after visiting with them. It was a much needed evening to catch up. And really, there is no one I would rather mock shows and jewelry with than her. Really.

It was a good Saturday. 4 of my favorite people in one day – that can’t ever be a bad thing.





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