A Happy and Thankful Life

No sick kitties allowed

I had the day off today from working a Saturday a few weeks ago. I figured this would be a great day to take Sassy to the vet for her check-up and update her vaccines.

The day’s ordeal made me thankful that Sassy is so feisty. I may call her neurotic but I love that she is so friendly and greets me at the door. She doesn’t run and hide. I’m thankful that the vet saw this at her visit because when I returned a few hours later, they had something to help compare her behavior.

It’s not confirmed but she did have a slight reaction to the vaccines. Amongst other issues, she was sluggish, wouldn’t talk and wanted to hide. She wouldn’t even respond to her laser point. When I brought her back to the vet they said that she was acting like a “normal cat” which obviously wasn’t normal for her. It did make me giggle. Of course she’s not normal. J picked her out.

They kept her a few hours for monitoring and to administer fluids and medicine. It was harder than I expected to leave her behind. However, it was all worth it when I came home with a cat that was feeling so much better. She is now back to her normal self.

So for today, I’m thankful for a cat that was only sick for a short time. That showed me that I wouldn’t trade her for a more “normal” cat. For a vet that took care of her and treated her without objection. For a vet that returned my Sassy.



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