A Happy and Thankful Life

It’s there somewhere

There is nothing like stepping up to present a program and realizing that it’s been 8 months or even more than two years since I’ve last done the show. There’s no going back at that point. The students are ready, the adults are ready and all eyes are on me. Somehow all the stars align with my memory and I open my mouth and all the right words come out. That is the joy of performing educational programs.

I’ve presented numerous shows at the museum in a variety of settings and styles. I continue to be amazed and grateful that my memory holds on to these shows. Two years ago, I would have said that I wouldn’t need to remember certain programs. I would have been wrong. I’m okay with that.

I think my brain holds on to these shows and random bits of educational facts because I find joy in them. There is a remarkable connection that can be made with the audience when it is done well. I feel it. It energizes me. I reminds me of why I do what I do. To excite students and adults about science. That is what my team excels in: connections and inspiring others.

Today, I presented programs and was reminded that even though we may have memorized a script, the responses aren’t. The responses come from students that may be learning new content. Some classes may have had an introduction, others haven’t.  Fifth graders will respond differently than third graders. Amongst those differences, the constant is that the reactions and responses are genuine. I love being a witness to how elementary students make those connections. And often, I find myself learning and having my own “a-ha!” moments alongside the students.

I love that my brain can retain all these shows and random bits of information. I love that when we are younger, we have a strong desire to learn everything we can. As we get older, we decide if we want to continue to learn and be excited and inspired by the world around us. I don’t think we lose that desire as we get older. I think we tend to suppress it so we can focus more on our adult responsibilities.

I choose to be inspired. I want to help others, both kids and adults, get excited about learning. I believe that the reawakening the desire to learn can be an adult responsibility. What do you think?



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