A Happy and Thankful Life

soft blue and white snowflakes

Today I’m thankful for this blue and white snowflake blanket. It is soft and the perfect size to snuggle up in while on the couch. To help with the electric bill, I’ve been keeping my apartment temp as low as I can manage without getting too cold. This normally entails coming home and putting on cozy and thick clothes and fuzzy socks, while wrapping up in the blanket.

This blanket was given to J by Santa December 2009. He was in The James during Christmas when a group of kind volunteers and Santa came through and gave gifts to the patients. This blanket became a favorite of J’s and followed us around. He used it in the cold hospital room during transplant. It was a constant fixture in our living room. I can see J walking around the apartment with it wrapped around his shoulders.

Now, I wrap up in the blanket alone. It still keeps me warm and reminds me of J. The cat also enjoys cuddling up to the blanket with me and I think J would want me to share. So I do.



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