A Happy and Thankful Life

one-armed baby at the white elephant party

After the week I’ve had, I was looking forward to an evening with work friends. It was just what I needed. To joke, laugh, and relax. We had a white elephant party with a crazy assortment of items. The white elephant part seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Last year I brought two glass bowls that I had purchased from a thrift store to use as candy bowls for the wedding. I had no use for them anymore. After much fighting over the bag, they ended up finding a great home with someone who enjoys them. 

The gift I received this year brought great laughs with one highlight being a one-armed baby doll. This doll mysterious ended up on her desk at some point during the past year and while gathering items, she thought it would be a perfect addition. Great white elephants are random and this was a grab bag of random. As I reached my hand into the bottom of the bag, I started laughing as I pulled our this hard item covered in bright green tissue paper. It was this baby doll. I’ve often passed her desk and wondered about the doll on her desk. Now it is my turn to provide a desk home for this random doll and make others wonder. Sadly, I’m at a loss as to how to include this doll with the cow puppet and ninja giraffe. I’d appreciate any ideas!

Tonight, I had a moment of normal. Not even a new normal. Just normal. It was a good night and I’m thankful for that.



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