A Happy and Thankful Life

cuddle ignore cuddle

I find it interesting how pets can run a household. While I know that they probably shouldn’t, as a pet owner I also know what is realistic. When I had Hugs, I had to plan weekends and travel based around a kennel or a kind friend that would walk her. But I knew that she could safely self feed and could wait up to 12 hours for a walk. 

It’s a new learning curve with Sassy. She has set her own schedule. Or rather she has adopted the feeding schedule that we started when we first got her. She has set the schedule for when she wants attention. In the morning she is purring, wants to cuddle and talk. Once she is fed, she chills out a bit and will roam around “talking” while I’m getting ready for work. It’s hard to know what she does while I’m at work but when I return she greets me at the door “talking” while making sure I follow her to her food dish. She eats, plays, follows me around and generally earns the nickname of “rotten”. She really starts to crave attention as it gets closer to bedtime when she tries to climb in my lap and sprawl across the laptop.

She knows her schedule and it’s good for me to remember to stick with it. I know what happens when I deviate from it and how it impacts her. I’ve had to stay at work a bit later this week and she has noticed. I’m sure that as she gets older, a schedule will not be as big of a deal but for now, it’s important to stick with it. She’s worth it. She helps make the apartment seem not so quiet and lonely. She makes me smile after a long challenging day. And as frustrating as it is to have cat fur on everything, I’m thankful for that ball of fur.



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