A Happy and Thankful Life

Halloween Parade

Today, I’m thankful for a work party and silly Halloween parade. Our team works in an open office space that we share with the events and catering teams. It is a great space as we all tend to be a bit on the social side. We’ve already had one lunch party to socialize and celebrate the new space. It was a pot-luck Halloween party. And really, these people know how to do a pot-luck right. There was so much good food.

Even better was that most of us were wearing costumes.  We had Forest Gump, a monster, Red Cross nurse, pregnant guy, Santa Claus, hippie, plumber, Harry Houdini…and a few other creative stylish folks. I decided to do something simple and went as a fork in the road. I borrowed the idea from Real Simple.  After stuffing our faces with yummy food, we decided to share the Halloween spirit with the third floor team by having a parade.

It was a fun, light-hearted afternoon and good start to the week. I think we all needed that.


third floor workers by having a parade. We wanted to share the halloween spirit.



The third floor office space is a bit more quieter.



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