A Happy and Thankful Life

fall show

There is a certain joy in festivals that happen in the fall. The crisp weather, the turning of leaves, the yummy food. It is my favorite season.

Today, I was able to take in one thing that is unique to fall. In the county that I graduated from, there is a show that shuts down the town for four days in October. It has all that is great about small town events but with thousands of people. The local bakery has great pumpkin donuts. There is a competition to see who can grow the largest pumpkin. There are lots of arts and crafts that make you smile and cheesy vendors that make you laugh. There are local organizations and high school groups that use this time to raise money. And there are very few places better for people watching.

Today was good not only for all that this show is but for who I got to spend the day with. With our work schedules and personal lives, it can be hard to get all of us together at once. This is a happy Saturday when we can spend some hours together enjoying the show. I’m thankful for these sorts of days and the conversations we are able to have. It was a really good day.



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