A Happy and Thankful Life

conference experience

I’m quite thankful for my conference experience. I have gained some valuable insight into other museum’s programs that can’t be obtained from a website. All of the programs are a variation of the same general idea but have a distinct method that works well for the museum. For us, our method is to weave the science in a story based on a theme. We then build on that as the day continues. It works well for us and has become part of what is expected by our customers. However, other programs have a minimal theme. I wouldn’t think of doing that, but it works well for them. The great thing is that there is no right or wrong…just what works best for the program and the team.

I’ve met some interesting people and played with some pretty amazing exhibits and science experiments. I’ve taken lots of pictures and videos to share with my team. I’m excited to go back to them and share everything I’ve learned with who are equally excited to learn and try something new.

While I still have one more day, I’ve been able to enjoy the conference at my pace. Which is to sit, observe, walk away, process and then talk. unfortunately, that means that I’ve been bombarding my co-workers with ideas and information when that’s the last thing they want to discuss. I really do talk about other things than work. But the things I’ve been learning the past few days puts things into a different perspective and I want to share.

It also feels good to have some of my enthusiasm back.  I have another morning worth of sessions before I fly home and one includes more programming. I’m excited!



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