A Happy and Thankful Life

safe travels

Today was the first time that I’ve been in an airport and airplane since fall of 2000. My oh my have things changed. Now I knew that there had been changes. I did my research on the websites of TSA, airline and airport to make sure I didn’t do something wrong. However, it is far different to know the changes and actually go through the process. I felt very off but made sure to have my boarding pass and ID out, have slip on shoes and even take out my laptop for separate scanning. I was good other than being confused about what to do with my bag after checking it. The agent told me to grab the bag and I didn’t understand why as I was checking it. At our airport, you have to take it to a separate screening set-up. Once they screen it, it then heads to some mysterious location where it magically gets to the right plane.

I’m thankful for the safe travel. The safety factor during travel is always a big worry for me as there is only so much you can control. Most of it is out of our hands. I hope the rest of the team coming out arrive safely as well as during the conference and as we head home. I hope you also have safe travels as you commute to work, run errands and visit with loved ones.



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