A Happy and Thankful Life

packing realizations

I had quite the realization while packing tonight. The realization was sad and a bit pathetic but I’m still thankful for it. Tomorrow I head out for a conference for work where I can’t wear our work uniform or jeans and didn’t feel like wear black dress pants two sizes two big. I bought some khaki type pants tonight and as I was matching up clothes for each day of the conference, I started to get stuck. Then I started to think about what I normally wear: work uniform, jeans and  t-shirts and very rarely, business casual. The “very rarely” part means that I have a bit of a limited professional wardrobe.

As sad as that is, I’m thinking about it in a positive manner. This is an opportunity to clean out my closet and get rid of all the clothes that I haven’t worn since we moved 2 years ago. This gives me the chance to be a bit more creative and find some cute and professional business casual clothes. I have to force myself to get beyond this clothing funk where I don’t want to buy anything.

This was what I needed to get myself into gear. This is one very necessary change.



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