A Happy and Thankful Life

laser tag and NYC visits

Tonight, I discovered the joy of using a laser pointer to torture…erm…exercise the cat. I realized I had one in my desk and decided to pull it out and see what Sassy would do. She went crazy chasing after it, running in circles and racing through the apartment. This is the best free entertainment! Knowing this may help to use up all of her extra kitten energy.

I did go and visit a boarding facility for her this afternoon. I feel a little silly for visiting but I had a bad experience once with my old dog, Hugs. I scheduled the place without seeing it as it the first time I ever boarded her. When I walked in, the place was disgusting. The dog runs in the basement and outside were filthy and still had dog feces from the two days prior. The lady tried to tell me that it was because they were slammed during grooming on the weekend but I didn’t buy it. Unfortnately, I didn’t have an option but to leave her as I didn’t have a back-up plan. Every since, I’ve strongly believed that if I’m going to pay someone to watch my pet in their facility, I should be able to inspect their kennel area. 

When I called for pricing, they said that I was welcome to stop by at any time to tour the facility and I didn’t need an appointment. I did that today and was happy with what I saw. The cat townhomes have four different levels and there is a lot of natural light. Plus, they will let one cat at a time roam free for a while to stretch their legs which I can imagine Sassy will enjoy. So between the laser pointer and a potential kennel, I’m pretty happy.

The other icing on the cake today was that a friend came into town from NYC. It was the first time he had returned since he left more than a year and a half ago. He is a kind and funny man. And so very talented. It was refreshing to see him and talk for a few minutes. With a such a quick visit and so many demands for his time, I’m grateful that he was able to swing by work and say hi.

My heart is a bit lighter today after yesterday.



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