A Happy and Thankful Life

holding myself accountable

I think that everyone has heard of the trick of working out with someone else helps to keep yourself accountable. You can’t slack off as there is someone else expecting you to go. I’m currently trying this theory out in regards to making sure I don’t continue to work crazy hours. Since July, I’ve consistently worked 50+ hour weeks and have about 80+ hours worth of comp time. I think I’ve mentioned before that it has been self-imposed.

But back to holding myself accountable. Instead of working out, I’m taking classes. I took a short class today with a friend where we learned how to make herb butter. It gave me a reason to leave work at a normal time in order to get home to fed the cat before meeting up for dinner. She told me this morning that she will also use my willingness to walk her dogs to insure that I leave work on time. It’s a win-win for both of us! We are going to take a few other classes with the park and rec department. There are a few other classes that I’m going to sign up for at Jo-Ann. These classes are a great way to not only work on my goal but also to still get out of the house and around other people while learning a new skill. I’m looking forward to these classes.



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