A Happy and Thankful Life


Besides leaving to buy the Sunday newspaper, I spent the day at home. I’d say it was a quiet day but not in the normal way. But I’m starting to come to terms with my version.

When I was thinking about it being a quiet day, I realized that was a lie. I don’t deal with quiet time very well. It lets my mind wander too much at the most inappropriate moments. When I wake up, I turn on the tv and it stays on until I walk out the door. When I come home, turning on the tv is the third thing I do after dropping my bags on the couch and feeding the cat. When bedtime rolls around, the tv is on a timer that gives me a buffer if I can’t fall asleep. Now, to be honest, when I travel alone I always have the tv and bathroom light on when  sleep. It helps block out the strange hotel sounds. Home is a different story. It gets a bit too quiet for comfort with just me and the cat. Before, when J was here,  it was a comfortable silence. Not any more.

But in this new quiet, I was able to get a few things accomplished today. I filed all my coupons. This doesn’t sound like much but I had a stack of them from the last few weeks and was using it as an excuse as to why I couldn’t go shopping. Now, I don’t have an excuse. I spent some quality time with the cat. She’s officially a cat now as she just passed her estimated birthday. I also watched the few shows saved on the dvr.

It’s not much but for a quiet Sunday but I’ll take it.



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