A Happy and Thankful Life

Full rainbow

On my way home from work tonight, I was feeling a bit grumpy. I was tired, and hungry and my knees ached. Today had me on my feet from 8am to 3:30pm solid with only 10 minutes of sitting for a quick lunch. I haven’t replaced my gym shoes yet and those were the ones I wore. Out of all the shoes I could pick from, they had the most tread. When I have to load a truck, tread trumps everything else.  But oh, they were the worst ones to wear today.

As I drove down the road towards home, there was a large strip of a rainbow directly in front of me. I couldn’t help but smile. It was so bright and hard to miss in the dreary sky. In the minute that it took me to check the mail, the vibrant rainbow had faded. What was left was a muted rainbow that I could see across the sky from one end to the other. I took two pictures and attempted to piece it together.

Rainbow on 9/30/11

I wasn’t able to catch all of it. However, it reminded me of the second trip that J and I took to NYC. We were driving through Pennsylvania and were taking a connecting road from one highway to another when we saw a full rainbow. I was so excited to see it and wanted to take a picture but trees were getting in my way. He drove down this rural residential street and parked so I could take pictures. I giggled in excitement and he laughed at me but didn’t move the car until I was happy with the pictures I took.

 I don’t recall seeing a full rainbow since then and that was two summers ago. Today’s made me slip out of my grumpy-party-of-one moment. My two biggest issues would soon be fixed by tylenol and the dinner I bought at Subway. Otherwise, I had a great day. The school I was at was wonderful with great students, volunteers and teachers. It was the kind of day that reminds me of how we have the ability to encourage the love of learning in children. I really had nothing to complain about. And all it took was a simple rainbow to get me out of a potential funk.



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