A Happy and Thankful Life

found heart hoop

Yesterday, I was reminded that it was time for Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion. I have particular scents that I wear only during certain seasons. With the cooling air, it’s time to make the switch. In my search for my lotion this morning, I did find something better. I had to use a step stool to check the top of a shelf in the bathroom. Towards the back was a jewelry box. Confused, I opened it up and realized that it was the box that held my wedding day gift from J. He picked out perfect earings for me that I’ve worn every day since. They are simple, classic and understated. Perfect for me.

Inside the box today were earrings that I had put in the box at some point. It had to have been on our wedding day but I don’t remember. I thought I had lost them and gave up searching for them. J bought them in my college town when we were visiting during one Homecoming weekend. We realized as we were walking around that it was Sweetest Day. It caught us by surprise but J wanted to buy me something and we found these simple earrings in one of my favorite stores.

Jody Coyote Heart Hoop Earrings @ http://jcearrings.com/

I wore them for the longest time. They were perfect for my travel schedule as they were simple, comfortable to sleep in and made me smile. I didn’t realize when he bought them that they were called heart hoops. It seems quite fitting that we picked them out together in our first years of dating for Sweetest Day. I’m grateful to have found them again. I’ll polish them up and start to wear them again. It’s a good thing I have two piercings in each ear!



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