A Happy and Thankful Life

unexpected hug

I had a long day working the event that I had set-up yesterday. I was expecting a nice event and lots of interactions with kids and adults. That happened and it was a good day. I wasn’t expecting to see one of J’s doctors. I saw this cute toddler and asked him if he wanted to play with blocks. I then noticed the kid’s parents and the lady looked a bit familiar. As I looked at her, she asked if I remembered her and she said her name. It clicked.

Have you ever seen someone outside where you normally see them? There is a disconnect. I’m used to seeing her in her doctor’s coat, running around the hospital. I hadn’t seen her since May, when J was finishing up chemo. J and her had a fun rapport, which was similar to the rapport with his head doctor. Their interactions with J were always honest and feisty. More than once, she walked into his room and said, “I hear you’re causing trouble!” She would also make jokes and give him a (good hearted) hard time. There are many things that I’m thankful for in regards to J’s two main doctors. Both shared amazing qualities that made our journey as peaceful as possible. They knew how to handle J and if I were honest, me as well. She is genuine and she doesn’t hold back. We knew that J’s health and treatment decisions were in the best hands when they were in control.

I wasn’t expecting to see her…to see someone I knew from the cancer hospital, in a place so far removed from my former world. But it was good to see her. We hugged and she asked how I was doing and that they had been thinking about me. We didn’t talk long about J, which is good as it wasn’t the right place. Seeing her and having that moment was comforting. Instead of heart-wrenching, it was comforting. I wasn’t expecting that and was surprised but so very grateful.



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