A Happy and Thankful Life

getting around on wet grass

Today I had to unload materials for an event that I’m working tomorrow. The event is taking place outside in open grassy fields. This would not be an issue except for that it has been raining off and on throughout the week. The fields were a bit soggy today and they were limiting the number of vehicles on the field to prevent it from getting torn up too much. This included the work van that was stocked with our heavy materials. There is no easy way to transport these things other than on dollys. Dollys however, don’t work on grass. I was picturing having to find people to carry these boxes across the large field and how long that would take. Thankfully, the event staff have utility carts that can fit our materials. It took four trips and 15 minutes to move everything across the field to our tent. This was a far better outcome than what I was expecting. Now I’m hopeful that they’ll be available again tomorrow as I load up. Positive thoughts!



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