A Happy and Thankful Life


Today was okay and I’m grateful. This week has been a bit easier to navigate. I’ve been finding things on different blogs and grief sites that have brought me comfort and perspective. I wish I could remember the site, but one person wrote “Breathe. Just breathe and live and enjoy.” That is currently under my monitor at work. It is a gentle reminder that helps me get through the day. So does the Happy Bunny’s picture saying “Don’t make the nice girl slap you silly.” But that’s another story. 
On Sunday, I came across this image. I was starting to get upset with myself because I had big plans to get things done but ended up doing nothing all day. I left the house to get a newspaper. I wore my yoga capris all day, took a nap and lounged around all day.  I was a bum. But after seeing this, it reminded me that it’s okay. What needs to get done, will get done.
Breathe via http://www.epbot.com/2011/09/sometimes-its-ok-to-not-be-ok.html

Tonight, I left work with grand plans and haven’t completed any of them. But I did cook dinner tonight, which is better than what I did last night. One step at a time. Everything will be okay.



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