A Happy and Thankful Life

Date with friends

I’m thankful that I was able to spend the day with two of my closest friends. We had a mini road trip to two major stores, one clothing and the other home goods. These stores are much more fun to navigate with friends than by yourself.

I realized that I’ve known both of these friends for a combined 34 years. That doesn’t even seem possible. S was one of the first people I met when my family moved in third grade. I’ve known M since my freshman year in college. We’ve gone through a lot together. Much of it has been good with day trips, concerts, movies, plays, 4 Halloween parties, weekly tv watching dates, shopping trips and even being bridesmaids in weddings. But we’ve also gone through some not so good times. Where we needed each other’s support and love. To be listened to, to be brought back from the edge, to be reminded that we are loved and strong enough to get through anything.

They continue to teach me how to be a better friend because of how amazing they are to me. I’m not always as good of a friend as I can be, especially this year. However, they are there for me. They listen and understand what I’m really trying to say in those awkward sentences. They are also great for reality-checks. A great friend is able to do that with grace. And they do. Often.

2011 has been a rough year for the three of us. We’ve dealt with a lot and I can’t imagine getting through any of it without them in my life.  I’m a lucky lady in having a few best friends that make my life far better just by being in it. The three of us needed today for various reasons. For me, it was to be around friends that I could joke and talk with openly and honestly. Thank you. I’m blessed to call you two friends.



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