A Happy and Thankful Life

oh jack

This is quite the strangest thing I’ve been thankful for but without it, I couldn’t do anything. Today, I’m thankful for an electric pallet jack.

We had an event at work where 3 pallets needed to be moved on Tuesday and 6 needed to be moved Wednesday afternoon. These are not pallets loaded with light materials but 50-70 13-lb boxes. There are multiple manual pallet jacks but only one electric pallet jack. When our building is closed, the demand is high for the electric pallet jack to move exhibits, crates, and heavy pallets. This was one of those times. The electric jack was in use and our pallets sat until Friday afternoon before I could borrow it for a few hours. With how I had to manuever the pallets into storage, there would have been no way to get the pallets in unless I had the electric jack.

The other thing I’m thankful for? Being able to safely manuever that thing! I remember back to about four years ago when I first started using the pallet jack to move things in and out of storage. I was a mess! There was a lot of backing up and trying again in order to negotiate the doorway and the space. Now, I’m far more confident and capable with the electric jack. They are fun and make work so much easier.



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