A Happy and Thankful Life

sweet and rotten

That is the kitten. She is feisty and full of personality. J picked her out so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. When we adopted her in February, she was the one jumping straight up to climb the open cage door. She continues to attempt to climb walls.

 She was supposed to be J’s kitten. He waited two years for a kitten and only got to spend two months with her.  She was seven months old in April when our world turned upside down. In May, I found myself filming her playing with toys to play on the laptop at the hospital so he could still see her. He kept telling me to make sure I took good care of her.

Her name is Sassy and it is quite appropriate. Sassy is curious and playful and completely rotten. Rotten. She likes to stand on the nightstand and push my phone, glasses and sometimes alarm clock, onto the floor. She alternates between waking me up at 4am, 5am and 6am by walking across my chest and purring loudly.  I often find myself muttering “rotten kitten” in the morning.

With all her rottenness, she is still quite sweet. Sassy is friendly and has greeted every guest that comes through the door. She meets me at the door when I come home with a few meows and rubs. After playing, she likes to climb up and sprawl on top of whatever I am doing. A purring kitten ranks pretty high up there on my list of why I like having a pet.

As frustrating as she can be, I love this rotten kitten. I’m thankful that J picked a kitten that has so much personality to keep me on my toes. She is independent enough to play fetch by herself, but social enough to like being pet and cuddled. I find myself watching her and thinking about how much J would have loved her. She makes the apartment not so lonely. I’m thankful for this sassy cat.



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