A Happy and Thankful Life

good movie and a quiet grocery

Today involves two things. A sweet friend invited me to a free movie screening tonight. Free tickets were given away at work and she thought of inviting me to join her on a movie date. It was nice to spend the evening with a friend, comparing crazy pet stories and watching a movie that surprised us. We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we walked in to view Real Steel but it was a good movie. I enjoy movies that have me rooting for the underdog, especially if it involves a dancing robot.

On my way home I had to pick up something from the grocery store and I decided to at least buy some food. I haven’t really grocery shopped since April, when J relapsed. I had purchased a lot of boxed and canned food during that last trip. Other than picking up eggs or potatoes for a potluck, I haven’t spent much time in a grocery store. There’s no joy in cooking for yourself. It’s exhausting and there is no one else to clean up afterwards. Also, I find it hard to shop and see the families and couples. The best time to avoid this is after 9pm. But I’m so tired by that point in the evening that I don’t want to leave the apartment. Tonight gave me the chance to stop by and pick up a few things. It’s not much but it is enough to get me through until when I have the energy to go again. There was no one in the store beyond me and a small handful of other shoppers. The employees were restocking shelves and save two aisles, I was able to navigate the store without seeing many people. It was just what I needed.

An evening at the movies with a friend and quiet grocery shopping. I’ll take that.



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