A Happy and Thankful Life

take 2

I started this blog with an attempt to bring my focus back to the things, people and events in my life that I should be thankful for. I had found myself  ignoring the small things. I had great intentions. However, every day life got in the way.

Nine months later, I find myself in a position where I need to take note of the little things. My world has been upended.  My husband’s leukemia came back in April and he passed away in June. It’s pretty miserable living a life without him. I find myself struggling with finding things beyond family and friends to feel thankful towards. This is why I find an overwhelming desire to come back to this. To find something, big or small, in every day that lets me know that there is good in this world. That life can and does go on.

I’m not quite sure the direction this will take. I can’t say it will be pretty. I’m sure there will be many days that I struggle for a post. But I’m holding myself accountable to remind myself of the good. I would love to live a happy and thankful life. It just may take a while. One small step at a time.



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