A Happy and Thankful Life

What big science you have!

I am that person who goes on vacation and wants to visit the local equivalent to her job. And today, I’m thankful that I have a membership that allows me to do this. Small tip, if you have a membership to an ASTC museum, you can get reciprocal membership to other museums across the country. Sadly, I’ve only used this perk six times. I’m working on improving that number.

I find it interesting to see how other people and museum communities interpret and present science. For this Florida visit, I decided to visit MOSI.  First off, I was expecting it to be a bit busier than it was as our science center would normally be busy on this day. However, we deal with cold and nasty weather in December. It was a beautiful sunny day and I don’t blame anyone for being outside! I spent most of my time observing and exploring the two main exhibit areas: The Amazing You and Disasterville. They do have a high-wire bicycle that is common, and popular, at many science centers.

One of the coolest aspect of the museum is that on the second floor, there is a long hallway that has squares and circles extended from the wall. When you get closer, you realize that they are windows to the outside. But they don’t go straight out. Some are angled up, some are angled down, some are really small, others are huge and some are even magnified. It was so cool! I did take pictures bu they didn’t do it justice.

It was nice to explore this science center quietly and at my own pace. I like to observe and read and touch. And compare. It’s not what I was expecting at all and I’m glad I was able to visit.



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