A Happy and Thankful Life

It’s cake! Now it’s cookies!

This may speak to how lazy my baking skills can be. But in this case, I was all about instant gratification. This was a nice perk for today and I think I’ll be making these a few more times during our visit.

Earlier this year, I discovered that you can easily make cookies out of cake mix. When I say easily, I mean that the longest portion is waiting for the oven to pre-heat. Tonight, I wanted something sweet and this worked best. They were yummy, cooked quickly, make lots and store well.

There are a small handful of ways to do this. I like this way best just because it’s the only way I’ve done it. I’ve tried lemon, chocolate, triple chocolate, and orange. All were yummy. Enjoy!

Pre- your oven to 350.

Need: 2 eggs       1/3 cup oil      1 cake mix

Mix ingredients together; it may take some muscles but it’s worth it. Roll them into small balls and place on cookie sheet. Bake 7 mins – be careful so they don’t burn. Place on cooling rack and try to wait a minute or two before eating.

Also, I like to put the dough in the fridge while a batch is cooking. It makes it easier to roll the dough into balls.



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