A Happy and Thankful Life

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Physically, it’s not a big word. Five consonants, four vowels, three syllables. The definition according to Webster’s is unassuming: the act or process of remitting OR a state or period during which something is remitted. Apparently, Webster’s staff never heard a teacher’s demand of never using the word in a definition

This word has a greater impact to millions of people. I have found myself praying to hear that word frequently during the last three years. When cancer enters your life, the word remission holds great power and hope. Last December 13th, my husband and I should have been getting ready to leave Miami for our honeymoon cruise. Instead, he was fighting for his life a second time.

He was a month away from being in remission for two years. We found out that he had relapsed based on normal lab work performed the week before. We were starting to breathe easier. Two years is a huge milestone for his leukemia. It didn’t happen. A horrible word entered our lives: relapse.

After a bit of chemotherapy, he was back into remission. In order to maintain this remission, he had to have additional treatment. Remission is fragile. While he has been able to easily obtain it, the goal is for his body to maintain it for at least five years.

We are coming up on a year. And for that, I am eternally grateful. This simple word has given me another year with this wonderful man. Thank you remission.



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