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little voices

Sometimes, the most random things occur where I work. Today we had a group of children from a local Christian school singing in one of our open spaces. They ranged from 5th graders all the way down to a few three-year-olds. I only got to see them sing two songs but they were adorable! There was a boy, probably a first grader, that spent his time singing looking up at the ceiling and all around him. The youngest and littlest girl kept looking up at the kids around her but towards the end she started to look up a the ceiling too. In the second to back row, a 10-year-old was moving and swaying and you could tell that he felt the music in him. Their voices weren’t perfect, very few are in elementary. But they were paying close attention to the teacher directing them and kept singing even as so many distracting things were going on around them.

I’m thankful for their sweet voices singing proud and with gusto. I think it is a good reminder that if you are going to do something, go all out.



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