A Happy and Thankful Life

Little ones

Today, I am thankful for my youngest niece and nephews happiness to see me. Not much can top their enthusiasm when I visit. Today, I got smiles, high fives, kisses and hugs. And they piled on top of me so I could read them a story. I love them.

I live about an hour away from my sister and her children. The oldest has been my buddy since he was little as we lived together for the first two and half years of his life. He often spends weekends with us and even a week during the summer. The youngest two haven’t spent as much time with me because of the distance and their age. Just within the last year, they’ve started to slowly get excited to see me when I visit. When I’d visit, they used to just look at me and give me a hug when I left.

Now, they both run to the door, with the biggest smile,  and yell “Aunt Ninni!” They smile, give me high fives, and call out for my attention. When I call my sister, they will demand to talk to me on the phone. Seriously, demand. They then fight over who will talk with me first. Even when their version of talk involves me asking questions and hearing silence or “yeah” after every so often. I took the two youngest out for a trip to the zoo during Halloween weekend and they spent the days leading up bugging my sister about when I was picking them up. That day was fun for me as I was able to see their very different personalities and how they tackle things. But I learned my lesson; it is much harder to wrangle toddlers than the older elementary school student!

I think most aunts and uncles would agree with me. There isn’t much that can top the joy my heart feels in regards to these adorable kids. And they really like me!



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