A Happy and Thankful Life

Cold days, warm coats

Today and yesterday, I’ve been thankful for my new coat. It is brown, knee-length and cut in the pea-coat style. There are four large black buttons that go from my neck to just below my waist, leaving the perfect amount of coverage and maneuverability. The sleeves end at just above my knuckles and are loose enough to allow me to wear gloves without being tight. The inside lining is soft and the  coat is warm. It may not be the warmest coat out there but it will keep me warm enough while I run errands and commute to and from work. Even better? I spent about $25 on it, brand new, thanks to a 50% off sale and some cash back cards to the store. I also feel pretty in it, which is a nice perk.

I’m also thankful for this coat as it means change. I previously spent the last 6 winters working a job where I needed my coat to be really warm, heavy-duty and easily cleaned. A pretty wool coat wouldn’t hold up well to unloading and loading trucks. My winter coat from the last four years is hanging in a closet. Thanks to its fleece lining, I was kept really warm and I could toss it into the washer after a week of traveling. However, it was not pretty; it was functional. Last winter, I started to notice rips in the outer layer. I knew that a new coat would be needed this year.

With a new position that did not involve travel or trucks, I also knew that I could be a bit more creative with my winter coat. Hence my pretty wool coat that makes me smile and I am so very thankful. Three days of wearing it and I’m a happy lady! Do you have a winter item that makes you happy?



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